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Reporting Your Incident

All incidents, injuries, or illnesses must be reported as quickly as possible. Any fatal accident, any accident requiring hospitalization of one or more people, any injury/illness that results in the loss of consciousness, any injury that results in 2nd degree burns to more than 30% of the body or 3rd degree burns to more than 20% of the body, any incident that results in amputation, or any incident that results in injuries and/or illnesses to more than two employees MUST BE REPORTED to Occupational Health and Safety IMMEDIATELY by calling (859) 227-7499. A representative of the University of Kentucky’s OH&S Department will need to obtain the required information. Refer to the University's Occupational Injury and Exposure Protocol for Laboratories Occupational Injury and Exposure Protocol for Laboratories for laboratory accident reporting procedures.

Employee Incidents Primary Reporting Procedure

Call 1-800-440-6285

Employee accidents, injuries, or illnesses should be reported immediately by the employee's supervisor or delegate. Student workers receiving pay other than scholarships, fellowships, student loans, or grants are generally considered employees.  Employees may self report but it is the responsibility of Supervisors to ensure that incidents are reported within 3 days of the incident. To report the employee accident, injury, or illness to UK Workers Care by calling 1-800-440-6285. If you have questions contact Occupational Health and Safety Director at 7-2924.

Secondary Reporting Procedure

Unsafe working conditions, near-miss accidents or incidents that are not required to be reported to Workers Care should be reported internally using the University's Accident-Injury Report.

Student or Visitor Incidents

Any faculty or staff member witnessing or being informed of an accident involving a student or a visitor should report the accident using the University's Accident-Injury Report.

Automobile Accidents

Property Damage Incidents

Property Damage accidents such as fire, water, wind, theft and other property damage claims are not reported on any one form. After a loss is discovered, the loss should be reported to the department head who will contact the University's Risk Manager at 859-257-3372.