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Campus Injury Illness Dashboard

Campus injury rates remained constant when compared to past years, but due to increased efforts, the types of injuries have changed.

While efforts to prevent certain injuries were successful, other categories continue to be difficult to reduce. Strains and sprains have ranked in the top two for the past several years, and currently those injuries ranked number one in total number of incidents.  This is aligned with national injury/illness data with sprain/strain being number one and slip, trip, and fall being number two.

Our sprain/strain injuries related to repetitive motion, lifting, reaching, pulling and pushing activates. EHS has ergonomic training and an ergonomist who performs evaluation to assist in the reduction of these injuries.

Injury Illness Statistics

Injury Category Injuries Ratio
Violence by Person or Animal 44 4.2%
Transportation Incidents 6 0.6%
Slip/Trip/Fall 166 15.9%
Exposure to Harmful Substance/Environment 172 16.4%
Foreign Object in Body 13 1.2%
Cut 85 8.1%
Needlestick 235 22.5%
Strain/Sprain 241 23%
Struck By/Against 54 5.2%
Allergic Reaction 12 1.1%
Burn 5 0.5%
Caught In/Between 13 1.2%
OSHA Recordables
  As of
Totals 6/6/2023
2021 104
2022 172
2023 59
On Pace for 137
Incident Rate
2022 1.61
2023 Pace 1.36
61131 NAICS 1.3 Average