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Forklifts and Powered Industrial Trucks (PIT)

Powered industrial trucks include forklifts, platform lift trucks, motorized hand trucks and other specialized industrial trucks powered by electric or internal combustion engines. Forklift operators must have classroom instruction, hands-on training, and an evaluation to determine their competency. The evaluation must take place in the workplace so the trainer can observe the operator perform typical tasks in the operator’s typical environment. A third party vendor can provide the training and the evaluation; however, training out of the operator’s workplace must be supplemented with on-site training that covers site-specific hazards and tasks the operator will be performing. 

Supervisor’s must ensure that each of their employee operators has been trained, evaluated, and certified. 


How do I become certified at UK?

  • You can meet the requirements described in the introductory paragraphs above by: 
  • Completing classroom training UK Forklift training, or other source as that meets the regulatory content requirements. 
  • Receive hands-on training from your operational unit’s qualified trainer. 
  • Qualified trainer completes the Forklift Operator Evaluation. The completed evaluation shall be maintained per the operational unit’s standard practices. 
  • Complete the Forklift Quiz.  


How do I maintain my certification? 

  • Operators must be re-evaluated at least once every three years and receive refresher training: 
  • When the operator is observed operating the forklift unsafely 
  • After a forklift incident or near-miss incident 
  • When the operator is assigned to operate another type of forklift 
  • When there is a change in the workplace that could affect the safe operation of the forklift 

To view your department's confined space program, visit UK Safety Sites.


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